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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Germany is a wonderful life!

So far iam in heaven. Germany has been nothing but wonderful to me. I absolutely love this place, the culture, the people, the food, the air and the surroundings. I have had the chance to visit several different cities with a great travel buddy and friend of mine. We have had the greatest time here. We have visited the sity of Kaiserslautern, Saarbruken, Landstuhl, and St. Wendel. These cities and villages are truly historic and modern at the same time. It always feels like Iam walking in a picture perfect setting. The beauty of this place is indescribable. The food is pure and the taste is amazing. Bakeries on nearly every corner, wonderful little shops and stores. Everyone has their own trade here it seems. The stone and brick walks are clean and well kept. The air smells fresh and clean. The crime is low and everyone seems to be so incredibly friendly. Iam serious when I say, I don't think iam ever coming back to the USA. Here are just a few pictures from around the cities and villages.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Exactly one month in Germany so far...

I don't think I ever want to leave Europe... You may think that is a crazy thing to say, coming from a 35 year old woman who has lived in the USA all of her life and thought it was the greatest country ever. Being able to see a new place, really made me change my mind. The world is the greatest place ever. Ive only been here exactly 1 month today and I feel like ive know this place forever. Its like home. Most people in my shoes may never get to experience another country, or even have it on their "bucket list" If you have a bucket list, I suggest you put Europe on it. The things you once knew, what felt normal, will change. I use to be a very materialistic person, I believe that our minds can change with a blink of an eye...I no longer yearn for clothes, shoes, and things....I desire to see things, go places and enjoy life. Germany has changed the way I have come to see the world. Things that this country has taught me so far: Care about the planet. desire more out of life. Family is number 1. work hard to play harder. Relax. Enjoy. Smile. Laugh. Live. Love. These are things I have been missing. When you work too much and live a life of working hard just to live you begin to loose sight of what is important. I truly believe the world should take notes from each other. Their are several things in the USA that are very unacceptable here. Recycling is very important here, so important its required. Their work weeks are around 30 to 35 hours tops. Monday thru Friday from 12pm to 2pm everyone closes for quiet hours to eat lunch and be with family etc. Everything shuts down and closes on Sundays and holidays. Its CLEAN here. They eat less here but have the best tasting food, it is pure food, no preservatives. Its acceptable to go to the market, bakery and store everyday because they believe FRESH is better, healthier and required. The are healthy here, and you notice everyone maintains a decent weight. I have yet to see someone so large that they cant walk. They plan their meals differently. In the morning, Germans eat a light breakfast, then the main meal of the day is lunch. Then around 3/4 is coffee, tea, and dessert, in the evening a very early light meal. When I first got here and still, Iam in awe with the food and may have gained a few extra pounds lol, but That will change, if iam going to live here I want to experience their culture, live their ways and follow their laws. I will say that Germans are very spontaneous in their driving lol. They will pull out in front of you and cut you off, but they can be courteous and helpful as well. They enjoy it when you try to speak to them in their language. The English speaking Germans are eager to put their English to good use when talking to you. They may look at you like a total alien and stare to check you out, but Iam sure they get the same feeling from me. Especially when I take pictures of everything lol! I have met a great friend so far and we have been having some day trip adventures. We went to the city of Saarbrucken and experienced store fronts, galleries, and German shopping at its best. They don't have the normal American stores, but they have similar things to purchase and stores to shop in. I pretty much have no use for American dollars here and my wallet is full of Euros. To put a close on this, I must say, I was scared to come here, but now its more like home then any other place in the world I have been. I belong here. I wouldn't be surprised if I decide to stay for good.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Well I have arrived in the Deutschland, and so far its beautiful here! The plane ride was decent, and our dogs did pretty well. There are a few things that are going to take some getting use to. Example, road signs! They are all in German, and I have no idea how to speak German, but Iam sure I will have to learn quickly. Right now we are living at an inn on Ramstein air force base until our household goods and such are ready to be delivered. We were going to live off post but my husbands unit is going to be moving during the summer to a different part of Germany so there we will live off post like I wished to. They only have radiated heat here, which doesn't work as well as central heat in the USA. Their toilets are super funny, and their blinds are located on the outside of the house instead of the inside. It took me and the husband a few tries to figure that out :P Our housekeepers are wonderful, though they don't speak good English they seem like total sweethearts and just fell in love with our 2 dogs. My only issue was the crazy jet lag, that shit was awful and though iam recouping well, I still get those spot where I tend to fall asleep sitting upright. I know for a fact that iam going to be in better shape here, I walk everywhere!!! Everyone does, and its not so horribly hot and humid. Its very CLEAN here. I love the cobblestone side walks. Their is a nice overcast that works well with my Lupus and my skin issues. So far the only part iam missing is my wonderful friends! I wish they were here to experience this with me. I cant wait to get into our house and get our stuff settled in. Then we can plan our trips to other countries, ESPECIALLY Italy where I have lots of family. Iam going to write at least once a week, so those of you who want to travel alongside with me, please keep my website in your favorites or follow me on BlogSpot.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Midnight Keeper

There is a troublesome silence alone in my room, almost suffocating, as if I were trapped inside my tomb. Not even an echo has roamed my night begining hell, just the loneliness inside of me has crept up to dwell.

My thoughts race and move quickly throughout my restless head, my mind pounds hard on every thought and moment like I have been shot with a ton of lead. No one should have to fathom the sigh that leaves my breath, or the sound of my heart, its beating half to death.

You would think with this kind of silence you could peacefully fall to sleep, but the agony has hollowed traps of my memory,they haunt me, crave and creep. The late dark night hours have yet to begin their scare and continue to keep me awake, how much more can my soul possible take?

The past should be forgotten and I should settle for acceptance, tomorrow is a new day, but instead I let my keeper hold me, every night Iam the prey. It holds me tight within the grip, tearing me apart, until my tears slowly drip.

A quiet cry I intend to place, I dont want anyone to see my fear rolling down my face. This peaceful night I should try to leave it all alone, but its hard when my keeper wants to tell me stories, and remind me of the places I use to roam.

With eyes wide shut, Iam still awake, How much can I be disturbed, if I dont stop this mess soon it will be hard to fake.

Iam haunted by my keeper, my mind wandering ghost, I let it take me in, My soul has become its permenent host.

Written by: Michele Dore-Cannon.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A dreamful splendor...

As I pull away my sheets and hop into bed, an new place awaits inside of my head.
Escaping the the world in my midnight somber, my mind drifts away to a place I can ponder.

Through the shadows of the dark, I walk beside still waters of a beautiful lake, the flowers and the smell is almost to wonderful to take. The gravel road is leading as far as I can see, to a farmhouse in the distance, why is this so familiar to me?

Past the Weeping Willows and the White blossomed Magnolia trees, Iam not really sure but could this be...

As I walk closer I begin to smell, the presence of of warm cornbread and grits and hear the famous dinner bell! I began to run to the house, my memory has finally taken me back, a life I remember where everthing was on track.

Its a good feeling to hear my old Mamie holler, supper is ready its on the table, come on leave those darn chickens alone and quit playing hopscotch in the stable. Wash your hands and lets sit down, you girls can tell me whats going on over yonder in town.

Grandpa swings open the screen door and comes right on in, no matter what Mamie cooked her good food always gave him a smile or a grin.

These are the happiest moments I will always remember, along with the cold winter months, huddled by a fire Papa would make December. Home is gone but not in my dreams, My memory falls back there during hard times it seems.

As Iam awoke up by the dawns early light, sitting on my bed reality comes back, and memories of home drift slowly out of sight.

After the day is over and I begin to pray, the the good Lord gives me back my dream where I loved to play. The horses and animals the birds and my favorite Willow Will, my favorite place I would daydream with my arms folded on my bedroom window sill.

Do you have a dream of a favorite memory or place, I do, It takes me away, where there were no more troubles ever to face.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trapped Angel: Written by Michele Cannon( draft)

She is a young soul, that has been through a strain full of hell. Her skin is soft but burns from the flames beneath her outer shell. In her mind her thoughts race and captivate the pain, of what she had done with a life lived in vain.

Alone in her somber she kneels at night to pray, to hopefully move on from the torture she lived in so many ways. At night she dreams of a night she doesn't cry, she only wishes the memories of the past would just fall away from her and die.

So many times she has been broken down and decieved, sometimes there is just nothing more for her to wonder or even believe. She feels the many eyes of demons watching her at night as she drifts off to sleep her memory of visions begin to take flight.

The burdens of her past are beating on her back, the repression of her memories have turned her wings from white to black. A fallen angel, a broken soul but with alot of her heart she still wants to give, she wonders if anyone will be willing to accept, with all the life she has lived.

The morning light brings a new day without desperation, she swallows the pills without hesitation. To some its so many just to wash the pain away inside, but its gets her through the day cause her feeings are many and too hard to hide.

Today the world surrounds her and the darkness is a night gone in the past, but another night awaits to cut her like glass. But for now the birds above have a song to sing, maybe a moment to forgive for what the past had to bring.

Written by Michele Cannon. (this is only a draft)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Poem I wrote: A Sleepless Light ( Midnight hour of an Army Wife)

Laying here in the silent dark of night, the shades left open, the moon is my only comfort beaming on sheets of white. Alone Iam in this moonlit room, Only my thoughts surround me as if I were trapped in a tomb.
Its listless and silent within these walls, sometimes I get up to roam my thoughts along these lonely halls.I turn my side to get the brightness away, just to find myself gazing at the pillow where your head would always lay.
I reach for the pillow and pull it close within my arms to embrace, as a lonely heartbroken tear runs down my widowed face. I shift my body back towards the moon's beaming light, the stream of rays from what seems to be heaven helps calm my fright.
So as I lay here in silence with my shadow beamed guest, maybe sleep will find me on my dawn awaiting quest. Even though the nights dark hours have yet to lurk around me, the moon is whispering a light lullabye to quiet comfort and surround me. ~ Michele K. Cannon~

Category: Poetry
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